The Motivated Martial Artists

Master of Power - Tod Wurr

November 07, 2021 Tod Wurr Season 3 Episode 8
The Motivated Martial Artists
Master of Power - Tod Wurr
Show Notes

On this week’s podcast the Motivated Martial artists – Jackson White & Gavin Cook talk to martial arts expert Tod Wurr

Born and raised in Norfolk, United Kingdom, Tod Wurr has over 30 years experience studying, training in and teaching Martial Arts. His desire to breakdown techniques to better understand power, self-defense and develop the ability to modify what he had learnt took him all over the United States in search of a way to continually improve and challenge himself. Tod has spent decades analyzing the techniques and moves used in karate, boxing, taekwondo, judo, cage fighting and much more to understand those most effective.

He became one of the youngest martial artists to achieve a blackbelt in Taekwon-Do at the age of 16 and went on to compete at international level before setting up his own martial arts academy in 1991.

In 2015 Tod was awarded the honor of seventh degree by Taekwon do association of Great Britain making him a globally recognised World Master.

Tod has impeccable credentials when it comes to developing power and technique and is well placed to assess, evaluate and improve fighters’ abilities in these areas. His knowledge of body mechanics and the application of Newtonian physics reflect perfectly the Principles of Power, which underlie the application of each and every technique.

Tod has led many martial artists to success, many of which have become World Champions. His work with MMA Blackzilians and his on-going development of international fighters also draws on his abilities to prepare fighters mentally.

As a qualified clinical hypnotist, Tod is able to employ hypnosis and other auto-suggestion techniques to offer psychological development alongside physical development. It is essential that fighters are mentally prepared for competition, and just as peak performance is calculated and controlled in the physical sense, so it needs to be in the emotional sense.

What stands Tod apart from other martial artists is his ability to adapt himself to any situation or opponent. He teaches his students skills that can enable a 120lb girl to effectively defend herself against a 250lb man. He challenges their mind by encouraging a thought process designed to really understand the principles of power and how to use their own build, size and mass to their own advantage whether that be in competition or real life.

To the fighters, Tod is the key that unlocks the Champion, combining all the advantages of the 21st century with thought, wisdom and understanding.

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