The Motivated Martial Artists

Everything Ju Jitsu - Lucci Del-Gaudio

April 12, 2021 The Motivated Martial Artists Season 2 Episode 40
The Motivated Martial Artists
Everything Ju Jitsu - Lucci Del-Gaudio
Show Notes

This week the Motivated Martial Artists Jackson White and Gavin Cook talk to combat Ju-Jitsu/Self Defence instructor and Kaizen Martial arts expo founder Lucci Del-Gaudio.

comes from a Martial arts family having 5 older brothers (who are all Ju-Jitsu black belts).  His first exposure to martial arts was watching a Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon. His mum wouldn't let him stay up to watch it as it was a school night but his martial arts avid brothers persuaded her to allow Lucci to watch it.

The next day at school every kid who watched enter the dragon the night before were beating each other up in the playground pretending to be Bruce Lee. Lucci's friend asked him if he wanted to go to join a karate class with him. Lucci joined and trained at the famous Zanshin Hombu with Simon Oliver Sensei. Which is still going strong today.  He stayed at Zanshin hombu until purple belt and then decide to Join his siblings in training in Ju-Jitsu. He trained under his eldest brother and  was totally hooked beginning his martial arts career that still spans to today.

Lucci has won lots of awards within the martial arts community, from the Hall of Fame to the British martial arts awards. He was recently nominated for the regional BBC sports personality of the year.  Some of his awards he is proudest of is  Achieving his Ju-jitsu Dan grades, Founding Kaizen Martial arts expo and raising almost 8 thousand pounds for kids with Cancer. 

Lucci's plans for the future are, to work with his Son Mario to develop him as a Martial artist and help to guide his future like Lucci's big brother did for him. Getting Kaizen to stadium level and  working on some books and still growing his classes as well as enjoying his training and spending quality time with his family.

Lucci wants to help to change people's lives saying "it's what we do. Knowing i have helped kids overcome things, like bullying is always a great achievement in my eyes."

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